Natural Shield – 1 Quart




Native Custom Stone is offering a hybrid “almost” perfect balance of Mechanical and Chemical bond without altering the appearance of your masonry product. Natural Shield is a complete product and there is not another on the market like it. Efflorescence is a crystaline deposit on surfaces of masonry, stucco or concrete. It is whitish in appearance, and is sometimes referred to as “whiskers”.

  • 3-5 year life of sealer… both bonds increase the life cycle of the sealer, it’s going to last longer. (most sealers have to be reapplied yearly).
  • Provides excellent water repellency while also providing a barrier against staining without altering the natural state of the masonry product.
  • Reduce efflorescence

Efflorescence has been a problem for many years, and is a topic of much controversy.  The formation of these salt deposits are  not mysteries. They are, for the most part,  water-soluble salts that come from many  possible sources to mar and detract from an otherwise beautiful and serviceable structure.  First of all, there must be water present to dissolve and transport the salts. Groundwater is often a source of efflorescence. For water to carry or move the salts to the surface there must be channels through which to move and migrate. The more dense the material, whether it be brick, stone, stucco or concrete, the more difficult for the water to transport salts to the surface. Conversely, the more porous the material, the greater the ease with which salts are transported and deposited. Salt-bearing water, on reaching the surface of a structure, air evaporates to deposit the salt. When humidity is low, the water may evaporate before reaching the surface of the structure, leaving the salt deposit beneath the surface, and unseen. When the humidity is high, water evaporation is slower allowing more opportunity for whisker growth. Growths which project 1/4 to 1/2 inch below the surface have been reported in some areas of the country. Natural Shield will greatly reduce or eliminate efflorescence by filling these porous cavities and eliminating the movement of water throughout the substrate.

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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions9 × 6 × 3 in


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