customfit-installationNative Custom Stone would like to introduce it's newest product line, CustomFit™ Panels. These faux stone panels were designed with the DIY'ers in mind. The installation process is so simple it does not require the skill of a mason to install. CustomFit™ faux panels can be installed up to 3 times faster than your typical synthetic stone veneer. These interlocking panels are sure to add a unique beauty and elegance to your next project.

  • Aspen-Ridge-CustomFit-Panels
  • Cedar Creek® CustomFit Panels
  • Coastal-Blend-CustomFit-Stack-Panels
  • Colonial-Buff-Custom-Fit-Panels
  • Kentucky-Blend-CustomFit-Panels
  • Mojave-CustomFit-Stack-Panels
  • Mountain-Ridge-CustomFit-Stack-Panels
  • Suede-CustomFit-Panels
  • Kentucky Blend Columns & Exterior
  • Kentucky Blend Exterior Detail
  • Kentucky Blend Entryway
  • Coastal Blend Panel
  • Coastal Blend Panel
  • Coastal Blend Panel
  • Coastal Blend Panel
  • Before-Pool-001
  • Pool After - Cedar Creek®
  • Before-Pool-002
  • Pool After - Cedar Creek®
  • Before
  • Bar Front - Suede
  • CustomFit Panel Installation 010
  • CustomFit Panel Installation 007
  • CustomFit Panel Installation 006
  • CustomFit Panel Installation 004
  • CustomFit Panel Installation 001

10 Advantages of CustomFit™ Panels

  • Light Weight/Non-structural...CustomFit™ Panels are lightweight faux stone panels and will adhere to almost any surface with proper installation.
  • Ease of Installation...The consumer was in mind while this product was being created. CustomFit™ panels do not require the professional skills of a mason to be installed correctly, anyone can install this product.
  • Faster installation...The average mason can correctly install approximately 80 sq.ft. of synthetic stone per day. The average mason can correctly install approximately 220 sq.ft. of CustomFit™ panels per day. This is almost 3 times the amount.
  • Big Labor Savings...With the ability to install CustomFit™ panels 3 times as fast as regular synthetic stone, masons are much more willing to negotiate installed pricing.
  • Overall savings...The average home owner can cut the cost in half when installing CustomFit panels. No mason is required.
  • Price Point...Native Custom Stone is offering this Panel System well below standard industry pricing.
  • Size Variation...CustomFit™ panels are offered in 3 different sizes. The panel sizes are as follows: 16" x 4" 12" x 4" 8" x 4" These sizes reduce the need for manipulation or cutting and seam lines. Three panels make one linear foot. Panels are sold by the sq.ft. in multiples of 10.
  • Integral Color...All 8 colors offered in the CustomFit™ Panel system have an integral base color. This is pigment that is added to the base/concrete, coloring the panel throughout.
  • Product Quality...CustomFit™ panels are created using the highest quality materials on the market today. We are regularly audited by an ICC accredited company, The name of this company is Quality Control Consultants. We also offer a 50 year limited warranty on all NCS products.
  • Durability...CustomFit Panels™ and All NCS products have an average of nearly 6,000 psi. This is 3 times higher than the industry standard. This limits our product waste by 50%.

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    We had the complete exterior of our home re-done by Native Custom Stone 2 years ago and are STILL in love with the results!! They took a very plain-looking wooden exterior and made it into something that is striking and eye-catching

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